Yamaha Truss Rod Wrench

When I got my 1970 FG-300 it came with the original hard case AND the original truss rod wrench in it’s original bag.  Ignore the funky thumb pick that came with it.

This is an important find because I hadn’t been able to find the right tool to adjust the nut.  I couldn’t get enough torque with a nut driver and it looks like move available similar tools (from luthier supply stores) are too long to fit in the pocket to be able to get full adjustment.  I will continue to look to find something similar in the future.


Good news!! The AllParts LT-4958-000 wrench works!  But it’s .825″ long, it just barely fits in the pocket of the (4) vintage FG’s I tried it in.  Only $5, but they have a minimum order of $10.  Shipping is $8.