Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Archive

For years Yamaha has maintained a guitar archive page that was taken down in May 2017.  I emailed Yamaha Support and he said it “should” come back at some time.

November 2014 I sent a request to Yamaha support for a copy of the guitar archive.  I figured I had nothing to lose.  I got a reply with an Excel file with ALL the data!!  I was shocked!

Over the next 2.5 years I spend hundreds of hours re-configuring, refining, correcting, and adding a few models I’ve found that are not in the archive.

Once the Yamaha Guitar Archive went down I decided to start a forum to share all the info I had collected, and interact with other people with vintage Yamaha FG’s.  Now I’ve started a website to hopefully made the data easier to find.

The current version of my archive is 6.4.3, dated 9/17/17.   Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Archive XLSX – v6.4.3

For anyone who has an older version of Excel (97-2003) or a program not compatible the Excels XLSX format.  Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Archive XLS – v6.4.3

PDF’s now available!!

v6.4.4 – ALL

v6.4.4 – US Only

v6.4.4 – Vintage, US Only)

v6.4.4 – Vintage, US Only, By Type

v6.4.4 – Vintage, US Only, By Year

v6.4.4 – Vintage, US Only, By Year (Simplified)

You’ll notice some cells are yellow, some text is bold, and some text are red. The yellow cells are what I consider to be the true vintage models, 1966-1981, models that had the truss rod adjustment in the headstock. Text that is bold black are models with no US distribution (not imported). Text in red are models not included in the original Yamaha Guitar Archive, either missing or the new 800 series.

If you have any questions or information on models not listed, please feel free to contact me at YamahaVintageFG@gmail.com.