Yamaha FG-160 Truss Rod & Nut Drawing

When I removed the neck from my 1973 FG-160 I was curious about what the truss rod & nut actually looked like.  So I removed them.  I backed off the nut about halfway and used a piece of wooden dowel and a hammer to bang on the nut to start pushing the the truss rod out of the neck.  Once the truss rod head was partially free on the heel end I pulled it out with difficulty. The truss rod channel had grease applied in a few places, probably to reduce the chance of rattling, but that made removal difficult since it’s had the last 44 years to dry out somewhat.

After removal I carefully measured them and made a drawing of each part.  I assume at some point I will need to replace or repair one. YAMAHA FG-160 TRUSS ROD PDF

I assume the truss rods are the same length in all Vintage FG’s that have the adjustment in the headstock.  I will remove others and verify when doing neck resets and list models checked here.