Articles I have planned for the site:

Inspecting a Potential New To You Vintage Yamaha FG

Tuning Up a New To You Vintage Yamaha FG

Guide to Collecting Vintage Yamaha FG’s

Details of the FG-110E Pickup system

Replacing the Stock FG Bridge with 2.13” String Spacing

Fixing a Cracked Bridge

Rehumidifying a Dried Out Guitar

Working with Hide Glue

How to Lower the Bridge Action

Ramping the Bridge Pin Holes

I also have many overall pictures of vintage Yamaha FG’s, backs, bridges, headstocks, labels, truss rod covers & tuners.


Personal Yamaha projects:

Finish neck resets for FG-170 & 180 that I started months ago and got distracted.

Finish neck reset for FG-110E that I started 4 months ago and got distracted.  Experiment to find proper tone capacitor.

Neck reset for another FG-110E.  Replace tone capacitor.

Do neck resets for 8 other vintage FG’s.  Don’t get distracted!!!

Replace FG-110 1.97” string spacing bridge with 2.13” bridge, during neck reset.

Combine body of another FG-110 with a wider neck 1986 Seagull Menestrel.  The YAMAGULL!!