History of the Yamaha FG-3xx Series

In 1968 the FG-300 became the new flagship (non-hand crafted) model. It featured laminated rosewood back and sides, and an adjustable bridge with individually adjustable saddles. One of only 2 acoustic guitars they ever made with an adjustable saddle, the other being the FG-350W which would later replace it.

In 1977 a new line of FG-3XX guitars was introduced. Three models with laminated mahogany back & sides, the FG-335, FG-340, and the FG-336SB; and 5 models with laminated rosewood back & sides, the FG-345, FG-350W, FG-365S, FG-375S, , and the FG-351SB. The FG-350W became the new flagship model, replacing the FG-300, featuring an adjustable 1 piece saddle. The first solid top FG models were introduced carrying an “S” suffix, which previously indicated Sunburst finish (now noted as SB). Three 12-string models were also introduced, the FG-312, FG-412SB (cherry sunburst), and the FG-512 (laminated rosewood back & sides). Other models included the Spanish body FG-325 (obsoleted in 1978) and the Folk Guitar series with the FG-330 and the FG-331. All these guitars featured white oval labels.

In 1975, the high-end series of FG models became the L Series. In 1978, a mid-range series was introduced featuring the FG-750S (laminated mahogany back and sides) and the FG-770S (the first all solid wood non-hand crafted FG model, with mahogany back and sides).

Between 1978 and 1980, a transition of moving the truss rod adjustment from the headstock to inside the body, finished by 1981 when new models were introduced.

In 1981, the FG-330, FG-331, FG-350W and the FG-351SB were discontinued. The FG-312, FG-335, FG-336SB, FG-340, FG-345, FG-365S and FG-375S models were replaced by the same model number with “II” added to the end (i.e. FG-312II), which were made until 1985 and were replaced by the new FG-4XX series.